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Admin-Ahead Server Technologies is a worldwide web offshore outsourcing company that helps webhosts, server resellers and data centers support and maintain servers and their related applications to set aside businesses to be dynamic and flexible.


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24x7 global support

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  • +91-484-2108888
  • +91-484-2104165

Enhancing value for our customers by offering them the world's best Internet services.

To be the standard that the Internet Service industry follows by delivering organized, accurate, customer-centric and timely solutions.

Admin-Ahead Server Technologies has always been a provider of unmatched resolution oriented Technical Support and exceptional Customer Service experiences to web hosting companies, Data Centers, ISPs and many other business requirements around the globe.

We made our debut in the industry in 2004 with a flair for cPanel and Linux environments. But very soon, we got to manage thousands of servers which include Virtuozzo nodes, Shared servers, and Dedicated servers for our customers. It did not however end there and the fact that we at Admin-Ahead Server Technologies, have expanded our support services to include BSD based servers, Windows servers and all major control panel administration along with all Linux flavors of Operating Systems.

Admin-Ahead takes pride in having groomed and developed teams with professionals, who were handpicked and given the most efficient training that could be given. Our greatest creations will always be these resourceful crew who has invested their belief in us, to equip them and fill them with knowledge and ability to bring about elite quality and perfection in every product and output we deliver.

Our expertise expands through(but is not at all limited to)VPS Support, Dedicated Server Management and Shared Server Support.

Technical Support Division

Technical Support Services

•  Server Administration.
•  24x7 Helpdesk Support and Basic Sales handling.
•  Live Chat technical and sales support for Servers.
•  Technical Voice Call Support and customer call back.
•  24x7 Server Services Monitoring.
•  Per Incident Technical Support for Servers.

Whom we support

•  Network Operations Centers .
•  Data Centers.
•  Webhosts.
•  Reseller webhosts.

Our Technical Expertise

Operating Systems

•  Linux (All flavours).
•  BSD.
•  Windows Server.

Virtualization Technologies

•  OpenVZ (Virtuozzo). .
•  Xen.
•  HyperVM.
•  KVM.
•  VMware.

DNS Management

•  BIND.
•  Microsoft DNS.
•  TinyDNS.
•  djbdns.

Webserver Management

•  Apache. .
•  Tomcat.
•  Jboss.
•  Nginx.

Proxy Server Management


Database Server Management

•  MySQL .
•  PostgreSQL.
•  SQLite.

Software Firewall Management

•  IPTables.
•  IPchains.

Hardware Firewall Management

•  NetScreen. .

Mail Server Management

•  Postfix.
•  Qmail.
•  Sendmail.
•  Exim.

FTP Server Management

•  ProFTP. .
•  PureFTP.

Directory Service Management

•  LDAP.
•  Active Directory.

Distributed Database Management

•  Apache Cassandra. .

Secure Network Management

•  OpenVPN.
•  IPsec.
•  PPTP.

PBX Software Management

•  Asterisk. .

Control Panels

•  cPanel.
•  Parallels Plesk.
•  Website Panel.
•  DirectAdmin.
•  Parallels H-Sphere.
•  Parallels Ensim.
•  POA , PBA , Webmin.

Web Development Division

Web Programming

• PHP.
• Perl.
• Python.
• ASP.
• Java/Servlet/JSP.
• ColdFusion.
• WebDNA.
• Ruby on Rails.

CMS customization

• Wordpress.
• Joomla.
• Magento.
• Drupal.
• Frog CMS.
• Moodle.
• osCommerce.
• CubeCart.
• AgoraCart.

The well known challenge of providing 24/7 Quality Support is one of the many hurdles that we easily overcame in the course of time. Armed with trained professionals working 24/7/365 to ensure customer delight, solutions and standardizing we have made excellence a habit. Outsourcing your web hosting support is now as easy as never before. Taking up the role of the intermediary between you and your customers, we relieve you of the highly demanding task of customer satisfaction so you can pursue other responsibilities on the path to the growth of your business. Aided by our Technical Support Management team and state of the art technology, we are utmost committed to managing and administering your servers and facilitating to you standard setting services and solutions on a day to day basis.

Our business of making satisfied customers and giving you the promised level of service has always been a goal most personal for us. To us, the idea of support encompasses not just providing quick, effective replies and resolutions; but also about realizing that customers and their satisfaction is what defines success of any business. Timely response, combined with a sincere expression of how we care enables us to serve your customers at even the toughest times. Admin-Ahead Server Technologies has very quickly made a strong presence in the webhosting industry and we continually strive to offer the best to our customers, something you will quickly realize when you choose us. We have achieved success through gaining clarity and proper understanding of our customers’ needs. What sets us apart is that we stand up as believers of perfection in work and promise to deliver the satisfaction you’re looking for. At present, we work with clients and customers from all over the globe, thus making Admin-Ahead a worldwide venture.

Our goal at Admin-Ahead Server Technologies is to deliver organized, immaculate, precise and accurate solutions. Our success in terms of making profit tremendously depends on our efforts to make monetary success from doing what we love to do in the best way possible. We are dedicated to building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients thus helping their businesses to prosper and grow.

Continuous Professionalism

We strongly believe in gaining the trust and respect of our clients by serving them with integrity, practicing solid professional and personal ethics, and maintaining client confidentiality. We are committed to highest standards of professionalism, to pursue innovation, to deploy imagination, to open to new ideas and to act decisively and consistently. Our primary aim is to ensure long lasting and close relations with our clients.

Superior Quality

We provide a variety of technical support and services, with each tending to take an individual approach, with a strong focus on customer reviews and continuous improvement. We have established confidence with our customers by introducing, coaching and establishing lean and effective ways to support their customers, products and project development.

Individual Approach

We are aware that not all our clients have the same needs. Our customized approach is based on your specific needs, and we’re ready to step in at a moment’s notice. Our professional experience has provided us with the unique insight into the challenges, opportunities and benefits of creative collaborations. We are focused towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction and our values start and end with absolute honesty and integrity.

Affordable and Cost Effective Services

Outsourcing to us not only gives you cost cutting benefits, but also the privilege to work with highly skilled and efficient people. Our devoted team of engineers work 24x7 to satisfy your requirements and provide you the best of services possible.


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