Not looking for a long-term monthly plan? Avail our professional and reliable support services performed on a per-task basis. We assess and provide you a cost estimate as per your requirement and the level of support you need.

Are you finding it difficult to deal with complex server administration tasks? Approach us for Kernel Upgrades, Software Upgrades, Script Installations and any server related support you need help with.

Get the added benefits of independent third-party applications running hassle-free on your servers.

Ensure higher uptime and reduced risk of your server getting compromised by taking early measures. Design, Setup and secure your new server using the best security practices and ensure security compliance

Oversee the integrity and safety of your servers with our security audit and hardening services.

Rescue data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible servers when it cannot be accessed normally. We offer fast, convenient and cost-effective solutions for recovering your lost server data.

Transfer your business-critical data safely between different servers.

Do you need help with enabling experimental features or a new hardware that your default kernel doesn't support? We help you build your own customized kernel for performance and specialized use.

Optimize your server applications and maximize your server performance for increased stability and reliability