cPProtect Standard
Full / Incremental / Differential cPanel remote backups via FTP, rsync, SCP and SFTP

Our aim with cPProtect is to make cPanel backing up easier and more reliable than ever. Being the only plugin that allows full/incremental/differential backups over ftp, rsync, sftp and scp, cPProtect can claim more than just being fully compatible with the latest version of cPanel. it now supports the cPanel-Paper Lantern, enables full account restoration, single file restoration and single MySQL DB restoration along with support enabled for Dropbox and Amazon S3.


Fully compatible with the latest version of cPanel.
Does not depend on cPanel native Backups.
Supports remote backups using FTP, SCP, rsync and SFTP.
Supports incremental and differential backups to local as well as remote locations.
Incremental and differential backups taken in traditional way, so only modified files will be backed up. Hence space requirement will be less and all modifications will be available for the retention period specified.
Full account restoration, single file restoration and single MySQL DB restoration possible from plugin itself.
Backup/restore history available.
Different backup types and days can be set for different accounts.
In-built backup compression using pigz. Achieve 40 to 90 percent space reduction at 3 times the speed of gzip compression.
Support Full Server / Reseller / Individual Account Backups.
One-time backups to any predefined location- backup any time without interfering with the existing schedule.

Version 3.3.0

Support for cPanel Paper Lantern theme
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.6

Fixed security bug with symlinks on backups taken and restoration. (Reported by Steven Ciaburri).
Memory consumption has been reduced by increasing write to files.
Uses cPanel’s native pigz compression, hence removes pigz binary installation.
bug fixes for single file restoration, editing options.
checks multiple home directories.
User can specify a custom backup path in the remote directory.
Additional Feature of One time backups and restore from one-time backups.
Remote connection is tested while creating the schedule.
Email notifications on completing backup schedules and on errors.
Restore from a custom path where aast-cPProtect was installed previously.

Version 1.0.7

minor bugfixes.
remote connection is checked while creating or editing the schedule.
connection test now includes test file upload.
rsync connection bug for backing up is fixed.

Version 1.0.8

Fixed insecure permissions for local backup directory [Reported by Steven Ciaburri]
Fixed insecure permission on config files.
Fixed issue with single file restoration for noshell users.
Added Upgrade option in Plugin installer to keep previously configured backup plans.

Version 1.1.0

cPanel User Interface for users to restore file / folders and Databases individually.
Separate management of Backup Destinations.
Better Error Handling.

Version 2.0.0

Reworked backup and restore algorithms.
Interface optimization.
Bug fixes.

Version 3.0.0

Application now uses DB driven backend.
Improved logic for incremental backup.
Separate archiving of emails.
Improved logic for file restoration.
Improved error management and logging.
KB: http://admin-ahead.com/portal/knowledgebase/12/A-AST-cPProtect-Backup-plugin-for-cPanelorWHM

Version 3.1.0

Added AWS S3 storage support.
Added quick backup feature.
New interface , look and feel.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2.0

Added dropbox support.
Separate restore tab for quick backup.
Multiple backup support for quick backup.
Minor bug fixes.

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