FREE Admin-Ahead APF cPanel WHM Interface

With our FREE A-AST APF cPanel WHM Interface v3.0, managing your APF Firewall is easier from within your WHM. This Interface has all the option to manage your firewall: white listing IP, black listing IP, manage open TCP/UDP ports, view firewall logs, start/stop/restart APF and more.
This firewall comes with customized firewall configuration for your cPanel server, which enables anyone to install and manage regular cPanel ports without any trouble. It also includes a new improved GUI with easy accessibility to our support portal. Download and install your FREE version of the latest A-AST APF cPanel WHM Plugin v3.0 from the Admin-Ahead Team. NOTE: The version 2.0 which was available at is currently obsolete and is no longer active and supported.


Start/Stop/Restart APF.
Manage TCP/UDP ports.
White list/black list IPs.
Edit firewall configuration file.
Get instant free server consultation.

Admin-Ahead APF cPanel WHM Interfacer

Version 3.1

Sanitized inputs (Reported by Steven Ciaburri).
User authentication required to save APF configuration from interface (Inhouse addition)*


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