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Author Topic: How to Map an .exe as a CGI handler  (Read 3831 times)

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How to Map an .exe as a CGI handler
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:37:12 pm »
Below are the steps to Map an .exe as a CGI handler

1.)    Make sure CGI is installed via Server Manager -> Role Settings (It's under "Application Development")
2.)    Create the CGI-bin folder (if it’s not already there).
3.)    Make sure the application is there.
4.)    In IIS manager, convert the cgi-bin folder to an application (Right-click and select “Convert To Application”)
5.)    Give IIS_IUSRS modify access on the the cgi-bin folder and C:\Windows\Temp (Second part is just in case.)
6.)    Click the server in IIS. Select “ISAPI and CGI Restrictions”. Click Add. Make the ISAPI or CGI path link to the .exe file and give it a name of your choice. Don’t forget to click Allow.
7.)    Create a handler mapping in the user’s site (click the site, then Handler Mapping in IIS) with the following:
        Request Path: name of the cgi file.
        Module: CgiModule
        Executable: Path to the file itself
        Name: Name of your choice (something that will be remembered).
8.) Test your new application.

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