Admin-Ahead ServerWatch extension for Plesk

The Admin-Ahead ServerWatch extension is an integrated solution that allows administrators to monitor SSH and Plesk admin login history, as well as IP based connection history for SSH, Plesk and Mailbox access. It also allows administrators to set email alerts for server load, root access and mail queue. Hourly as well as daily domain and mailbox based incoming and outgoing mail stats can also be viewed which will be valuable aids in diagnosing performance and spamming issues.


View SSH login history for Root as well as normal users.
View Plesk admin login history.
View POP/IMAP login history.
View IP address connection history for SSH, POP/IMAP and Plesk admin access.
Change SSH port.
Enable/disable password authentication for SSH.
Enable email alert for root access to server.
View current mail queue count and details of queued emails.
Enable email alert for user-defined mail queue limit.
View hourly and daily incoming as well as outgoing email stats.

Version 1.0.4

Minor Bug fixes

Version 1.1.4

UI improvements
Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.0

Optimized UI
Bug fix

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