Hosting Security Services

Fresh Server Hardening

DESCRIPTION Security Hardening of servers that are being prepared to be deployed to a production environment.


Operating Systems Supported
Linux - Cloudlinux OS, Debian 7 and 8 All versions, Ubuntu Server 14 and 15 , CentOS 7
BSD - All Distros of OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD
Environment Support
All Shared/Dedicated Hosting Environments
Hosting Control Panels Supported
cPanel , Odin Plesk, DirectAdmin, Interworx, ISPConfig, and Standalone servers.
Security Tasks Included
Update kernel to latest stable version and patch for vulnerabilities or exploits
Disk Partitioning and enforcing Disk Quotas
Configuring Package Managers and Repositories
Disabling unused Protocols
Eliminating unused services
Minimizing Open Network Ports
Securing Binaries
Securing Key Files and Configuration Files
Setting and Enforcing Password Policies
Limiting Root/SuperUser privileges
Warning Banners for enforcing security policies
Implementing Firewall Protection
Configuring TCPWrappers
Enabling System Logging, Auditing and log rotation
System Accounting using auditd
Configuring Backups
Implement Integrity checking Software
Disabling X window system
Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems
Implementing Linux Socket Monitor
Configuring SeLinux for enhanced Security
Implementing AntiVirus Protection
TCP/IP stack hardening in Linux kernel using sysctl
Webserver Hardening - Apache 2.X, Nginx 1.X, Lighttpd 1.X & Litespeed, PHP, CGI, DDoS & Outbound SPAM protection
Mail Server Hardening - Postfix, Exim, QMail, Courier, Dovecot, Zimbra
Database Server Hardening - MySQL, PostGreSQL, MariaDB
SSH Server Hardening
FTP Server Hardening - ProFTPd, Pure-FTPd, VSFTPD
Control Panel Hardening - Hosting Control Panel, Webmail, Statistics
Enable Encryption for critical services
Pricing $129.00 per server.

Hacked Website Recovery


• Immediate Backup of existing website and log files

• Review options for recovery

• Disaster Recovery from previous available backups (if available)

• Reinstallation of web application and restoration of data

• Detecting & Identifying the source of hack/attack

• Removal of exploits & vulnerabilities

• Complete clean of website and web applications


Complete Website Security

For All Shared Hosting Environments and Hosting Control Panels – cPanel, Odin Plesk, DirectAdmin, Interworx, ISPConfig, No control Panel
(One time set up fee $25.00)

• DNS Security
• Complete Website & Web application Security, SSL Cerificates
• Auditing & Securing Mail Accounts, Mail boxes, Anti Spam & Anti Malware Filters, Mailing Lists
• Securing Databases – Privileges, Indexing, Fixing corrupt Tables
• Securing Statistics
• User Accounts Management and Security
• Resource Management & Optimizing for Security & Performance
• 24x7 Website Monitoring (Only with Monthly Plan)

$10.00 USD
$25.00 Frais de configuration
Complete Web-Application Security

Perform a Security Audit and Harden your website running on CMS developed in PHP, Perl, Python, .NET, Java or Ruby with our COMPLETE WEB-APPLICATION SECURITY package. Your website will be continuously monitored, updated and patched with our recurring plan.
(One time set up fee $10)

• Security Auditing & Scanning
• Penetration Testing
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Malware Scanning
• Vulnerabilities removal
• Patching for Vulnerabilities
• Upgrading Applications
• Security Hardening
• Webapplication Firewall
• Intrusion Detection Systems
• Real time Monitoring

$25.00 USD
$10.00 Frais de configuration
Combined Server Security Plus Complete Website Security Audits & Hardening

[ $100 per server and for 20 websites, ADDITIONAL $5 PER WEBSITE – ONE TIME ] [ $100 per server – MONTHLY ]
For All Shared/Dedicated Hosting Environments and Hosting Control Panels – cPanel, Odin Plesk, DirectAdmin, Interworx, ISPConfig, No Control Panel