Alberto Misrachi

August 20, 2014

“When managing servers it was almost imposible for me to keep up with all the latest security, updates, malaware etc. I could not spend time in what my business required, I was taking care of the servers instead of the customers. Then I meet Nikhil at HostingCon. After hiring Admin-Ahead all of our energy went to our customers and that made a very big difference. “

Alberto Misrachi

Joanna Griffith

August 21, 2013

“We have worked with Tom for several years now. He is the one person we can count on to always be there when we need him, day or night. He responds immediately and always has been able to resolve any server related technical support problem or situation that we have encountered.His expertise in server management is unmatched and he has an unparalleled work ethic that is rare to find these days. We highly recommend Tom and his team for anyone looking for a reliable, responsible and expert server admin for their web hosting or Data Center business ”

Move2HigherGround, LLC

Mega Hosters

August 21, 2013

“We have worked with Tom over the past few weeks upgrading and securing our servers. Our initial intention was to use Tom’s technical support services for these tasks and that was all. Since seeing Tom’s performance and server management skills, we have decided to use Tom’s outsourced support services on a recurring basis. With his outstanding dedication to perfection and accuracy, Tom is one of the best server administrators in the web hosting support industry we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We have been very demanding of him this past week and even under a high stress situation Tom still pulls through and gets the task done quickly and correctly the first time, all while keeping a calm cool head. He is very easy to get in touch with at just about any hour of the day or night and is available though AIM which makes communication easy.

Tom goes above and beyond every task he and his team does, which sets them apart from other support companies we have worked with, he understand that our customers are our foundation and treats them as they were his own. Tom gets the job done…. On Time… Accurately… Professionally…”

MMega Hosters
Executive Member
Mega Hosters Inc.
Box 2687 MPO 349 West Georgia Street Vancouver

Nick Mariani

August 21, 2013

“Our hosting company (NectarTech) has been working with Admin-Ahead for over nine years now. I have to say that by far, working with Tom is more than a pleasure. He is very courteous online, and takes care of our web hosting business. If there’s any technical support issue or server problem, I just tell Tom and the matter is taken care of the first time, and without delay. He is also easily reachable, via email or IM at most hours that we are online. A-AST has been instrumental in keeping our servers running 24/7. In the event an issue arises, they are extremely quick to find the cause, and address it saving us much grief and headache. Admin-Ahead’s techs are good. They are not only fast, but quick to figure out why something is not working, and fixing the problem quickly, minimizing down time.

Tom and his team take care of our server problems and customer support while we are away and are proactive in their approach to solving them. They don’t rest until the support issues are taken care of and go beyond the call, no matter what the issue. Customer tickets are always followed-up with and confirmed with the client prior to closing very quickly. Our clients and servers are very important to us, and we would not trust them to be handled by just anybody. With Tom at the helm, I can rest assured they are being taken care of.

The most important reason we continue to have A-AST as our partner is because we can trust them. They have a great deal of integrity, and are reliable. I have personally known many of the same managers of A-AST for several years, and they are hardly a fly-by-night operation. You can rely on them for the long haul.”

NectarTech, LLC

San Jose, CA/


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