How to Install DDoS Mitigator (cPanel)

Install DDoS Mitigator (cPanel) v2.0

Note : Ioncube loader should be enabled in cPanel for the plugin to work. Enable it by selecting ioncube as the cPanel PHP loader under PHP tab in Tweak Settings.

Download and run the installer

1. Login to your remote cPanel server via SSH. Change to the installation directory. 

2. Download installer to your server. At the SSH prompt, run the command 


3. Set execution permission for the installer script.

 chmod +x*

4. Run the installer and follow onscreen instructions.


Setup License

1. Login to your client area 

2. Find the product and get the license key from "My Products and Services" tab. 

3. Login to your WHM ( https://<your_server_ip>:2087/ ).

4. Navigate to "Plugin" section and click on DDoS Mitigator (cPanel) v1.0.0

5. Enter your license key and submit.

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