How to Install DNSSEC Manager Cluster Edition (cPanel)

Install DNSSEC Manager Cluster Edition (cPanel) plugin & Tracker daemon, and Listener daemon - Advanced v.4.0.0

Important: Please refer to the following guide to determine which component has to be installed on each server in your cluster before proceeding with the installation-

* Download Installer

# wget

  • Set execution permission

    # chmod +x

    # ./

    Installation options

    Install Plugin: 
    Installs WHM Plug-in Interface that can be used to sign zones
    Install Tracker: Installs Tracker Service only
    Install Plugin&Tracker: Installs WHM Plug-in and Tracker Service
    Uninstall: Uninstall all existing A-AST DNSSEC components in Server (WHM Plugin, Tracker, and Listener)

    *Follow onscreen instructions; Enter License Key when prompted

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