License will not work for more than one Server and is not transferable

We issue license for one IP address per server. This means once you are issued a license for a specific IP address for a specific server with a hostname, you can no longer change it.

We have tested our installers well in advance on all Operating Systems which we say it supports. This means that you need not test it again. If you still want to test it, you will need to pay for a license.

We are system administrators on core, and we would love to support and fix bugs for you, but this would involve a cost if the matter is not in direct relation to our installers. We have released our installers on the firm belief that you will be benefited for it, rather than paying bulk amounts for installation. The charges you pay are for the efforts we put via our Research and Development Team, and we believe it is genuine.

For any questions, please feel free to open a ticket with us. Thank you for your understanding.

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