Basic Troubleshooting for Plugin Related Issues

Do you face issues while running the installer?

  1. You could face an error while running the installer script, {sh} if your server is behind a firewall and it doesn’t allow new file uploads from a new source. Please whitelist the IP addresses of our Repository and License servers in the Firewall.

                    , and

2. Our plugin might require a dependency that needs to be downloaded from a remote source. Please allow the sources in Firewall for your respective plugins from the table below.

1. RKHunter Interface (cPanel)

2. RKHunter Interface (Plesk)
3. cPShield-v2 (cPanel),

4. Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel)

5. Linux Malware Detect Manager (Plesk)

6. Firewall Interface (Plesk)
7. Let's Encrypt Manager (cPanel)

Do you face errors while activating license?

1. Your server requires to communicate with our license server for the license to work. Sometimes, the Firewall could block the communication. Please allow our IP addresses, to resolve the license errors.
2. If in any case, you have modified your server hostname or IP address, or if you have a private network enabled in your server, we need to enable them correctly in the license configuration. Please provide us with the following details to be updated in our license database :
a) Hostname of the server b) IP address including private IP addresses

Do you see errors/blank page on your plugin page?

1. If you are running cPanel/WHM, please make sure you have ionCube Loader installer correctly installed. Please follow the procedures below
to ensure you have the right ioncube encoder loaded.
Login to your WHM interface >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> PHP >> enable IonCube loader

2. For our extensions Linux Malware Detect and Realtime File Upload Scanner, you may face issue with realtime monitoring.
Please follow the article below for optimizing inotify and resume real time monitoring.

Are you still facing errors with our plugin? Please place an order here for our free support available for you.

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