Different Editions

Admin-Ahead gDNS v4 comes in four flavours

1. gDNS Standard NIX
2. gDNS Standard HYB
3. gDNS Failover NIX
4. gDNS Failover HYB

1. gDNS Standard NIX
This is the most basic edition. This version does not include an additional Failover
server, or the support for Windows Plesk. You can add any number of Edge servers or Transfer servers
at an additional cost

2. gDNS Standard HYB
This is similar to "gDNS Standard NIX" except that you can have Windows Plesk servers in your
transfer cluster. This edition does not have an additional Failover.

3. gDNS Failover NIX
This version has an additional Controller that takes the control over the cluster in case the
main Controller goes down. So, even if the main Controller is down, the Failover Controller will
still receive updates from the Transfer servers and then it will send the updates to the Edge servers
This version cannot use Windows Servers in the cluster.

4. gDNS Failover HYB
This is exactly like the "gDNS Failover NIX", but comes with Windows support.


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